VPPC 2016

MEGEVH has been a scientific support of IEEE-VPPC'16, Hangzhou (China), October 17-20 2016.
France was ranked #2 (after China) in number of presented papers!

Two tutorials and two special sessions have been organized by MEGEVH


Tutorial  "Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles"


Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL (University of Lille 1)

Dr. Ali CASTAINGS (University of Lille 1)


The complete presentation is available here



Tutorial  "Will Hydrogen Fuel Cells Power Next Vehicle Generation?"


Prof. Daniel HISSEL (Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté)

Prof. Marie-Cécile PERA Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté)


Special Sessions

"EMR and Other Graphical Description"


Dr. Clément MAYET (University of Lille 1)

Prof. Minh C. TA  (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam)

The description of the special session is available here


"Energy Management of Electrical Hybrid Energy Sources for Zero Emission Vehicle"


Dr. Ronan GERMAN (University of Lille 1)

Prof. Joao TROVAO (University of Sherbrooke, Canada))

Other involvements

Some MEGEVH members have been involved in the Technical Program Committee of IEEE-VPPC'16

  • Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL, chair of the Advisory Scientific Committee
  •  Prof. Daniel HISSEL, post-conference publication co-chair
  •  Dr. Emmanuel VINOT, tutorial co-chair
  •  Prof. Christophe ESPANET, RT2 track co-chair