Promotion seminars of the hybrid vehicles / 2006-2007

This part deals with the scientific support of MEGEVH: in seminars and workshops, the participation of the group in meetings and organizing or operating for the promotion of HEV's.

Lecture of M. K. Hamada (Toyota Motor Corp.), Lille, September 2007
MEGEVH network invited M. Kimimori Hamada, who works in research division of Toyota Motor Corp. to present the activities on the future HEV's from Toyota:

- Presentation of two slide shows by M. K. Hamada,
- Approximatively 60 attendees of which three fourth were students,
- Presentation of the French network MEGEVH by A. Bouscayrol (MEGEVH-L2EP).

Seminar of M. Kimimori Hamada at the University of Lille 1

EET Conference, Brussels, June 2007
Participation at the "European Ele-Drive Transportation" 2007:

- Presentation of the French network MEGEVH by A. Bouscayrol (MEGEVH-L2EP),
- Presentation of an example of HEV with clutch modelling by means of EMR (Energetic Macroscopic Representation).

Reference: A. Bouscayrol, S. Delpat, D. Hissel, R. Trigui, "MEGEVH project: graphical modelling for energy management of hybrid electric vehicles", EET'07, Brussels (Belgium), June 2007 (common paper L2EP Lille, LAMIH, L2ES and INRETS-LTE).

Mobilis 2006, Franche Comté, December 2006

International meetings of "Vehicle of the future" competitive cluster:

- Participation at the round table "Hybrid Electric Vehicles",
- MEGEVH framework presented by R. Trigui (MEGEVH-INRETS-LTE).

Workshop International "Modelling and Control of Electrical Systems", Lille, November 2006

This workshop was supported by MEGEVH for highlighting the "Hybrid Vehicles". 103 participants attended the workshop and one third of them were Master's and Ph.D. students.

- 16 oral presentations of which 5 on the modelling methods and 6 on the transport applications,
- Rochdi Trigui chairman of the "Hybrid Vehicles" session,
- server: website

Alan Walker (University of Warwick) lecturer
and Rochdi Trigui