Experimental platform "Electricity & Vehicles"
The eV platform is based on hardware and software bricks. These different components will be able to be connected to study different vehicle concepts. EMR libraries are available on EMRwebsite - EMR library
Energy storage systems

The eV platform has several energy storage systems. Three battery benches with BMS and associated chargers:

• 20 HAZE lead batteries of 17 Ah / 12 V
• 8 SAFT Ni-Mh batteries of 9 Ah / 24 V
• YUASA Li-ion IMR batteries of 47.5 Ah / 44.4 V

Four supercapacitor benches:

• 2 Maxwell benches of 9.67 F / 90 V (automotive application)
• Batscap benches of 130 F / 54 V (automotive application)
• 1 Maxwell bench of 63 F / 124 V (truck application)
• 2 EPCOS benches of 25 F / 500 V (railway application)

A Ballard Nexa fuel cell of 1.2 kW with metal hydride bottles and a Human–Computer Interface (HCI) is also available. The hydrogen production can be ensured by two electrolysers.
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Electrical machines

The eV platform has different electrical machines. There are conventional three-phase machines (DC machine, synchronous / asynchronous machine) on the campus of the University of Lille, but also more specific machines with multiphase machines on the campus of the Arts et Métiers ParisTech:

• 1 bench of 10 kW with 2 Leroy-Somer connected machines: a separately excited direct current machine (DC machine) and a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM)
• 1 bench of 20 kW with 2 Leroy-Somer connected machines: a three-phase squirrel cage induction machine (IM) and a three-phase PMSM
• 2 benches of 2 kW with 2 Langlois connected machines: a DC machine, a three-phase separately excited synchronous machine and a three-phase wound rotor induction machine
• 8 permanent magnet sinusoidal / trapezoidal radial / axial flux multiphase machines: 3 five-phase machines, 3 six-phase machines and 2 seven-phase machines
• 4 multiphase benches from 5 to 20 kW using as reversible loads with industrial PMSM
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Planetary geartrain for hybrid vehicle

The eV platform has a double planetary geartrain as mechanical transmission. This transmission is used to achieve a power split device for series-parallel hybrid electric vehicle. A Harware-in-the-Loop simulation has been done by connecting four motors: 1 to emulate the internal combustion engine, 1 to emulate the rest of the transmission (wheels, chassis..). The two others electrical machines are used to hybridize the vehicle.
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The vehicles

Several vehicles are available such as one electric bike, an electric scooter, a Segway and an electric car (Tazzari Zero). All these vehicles make possible to achieve various experiments. The Tazzari and the Segway are instrumented to analyze scientific and experimental data during the tests.
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Controller Boards

To achieve and validate the real-time controls on these various devices, the eV platform is equipped with several controller boards:
• 4 dSPACE controller boards (1103, 1104, 1005, 1006)
• 1 dSPACE MicroLabBox
• 1 Opal-RT controller board
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Electronics and power supplies

Each controller board is equipped with static converters: 12 legs of 10 kW for the dSPACE 1103 and 12 legs of 50 kW for the dSPACE 1005. The legs can be used to realize the function of inverter, chopper or rectifier.
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Human Computer Interface

Computers are connected to the dSPACE controller boards by optical fibre. They contain the programs of the HIL simulations done with Matlab / Simulink under the EMR formalism, as well as the software of the human computer interface associated with the controller board.
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